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Skills & Strengths

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Skills & Strengths

Interdisciplinary & Antidisciplinary

As a senior student majoring in psychology and mathematics in Agnes Scott College and a human factor researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology, I am interested in studio arts and enjoy solving problem through different perspectives.


Quantitative/ Qualitative research

Over my past three-year experience as a research assistant and two summer research scholar programs, I have been well trained and fully immersed in every process of designing and coordinating research. 


Sympathetic & User-Centered

I employ a human-centered design method (e.g., double-diamond method, think-aloud evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, persona design, etc.) to explore topics on social media experience, application workflow and usability, automobile acceptance and trust, etc. 


Mathematical Thinking & Analytic

As a math major, I enjoyed the arts of mathematical thinking. I mastered using Python, Matlab, IBM SPSS to do large sample data and analyze the sample trend. 


Teaching & Mentoring

I have been the tutor for Math & Science Learning Center for two and half years. My responsibilities include designing materials and leading 60+ weekly workshops on programming practices and coding techniques. Moreover, I also attended STARTALK program and designed highly effective materials and curricula for students through 12th grade to undergraduate students guided by the Principles for Effective Teaching and Learning created under the National Security Language Initiative.

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