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Sander Sound and Murder Party

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Sander Sound and Murder Party

This Sunday, I went to the studio and re-sanded my table top. I pulled the table outside the room and sanded with the belt sander for a few minutes. Then I decided to get back to the studio to get the google. When I returned to my tabletop, I saw a fly lying still on my top. I tried to sweep it away but ended up to turn the poor one upside down, wiggling its legs slightly. It’s dying on my tabletop. Leaning the tabletop to one side and the fly rolling onto the floor, I tried to catch up the work but noticed there multiple black dots on the floor. I bent down and looked closer, except the one I just dropped on the floor, all other black dots are all dead fly bodies. ”One, two, three…” I counted and followed the dots on the ground. There was another dead bee on the ground, just lying close to my working sander table. Around the table, there are more than seven dead flies. 

Murder Party
Not inclusive only to flies.

I chose another standing position in order to not stepping on their bodies and continued to work without further thoughts. A few minutes later, another fly came and just landed on the side of my table, I kept working and tried not to be interrupted. When I finished this round of sanding, I noticed that this fly was still there but already turned its body upside down. It was dead, again. I was a little confused but kept doing the sanding until the fourth interruption by another huge insect (I don’t know its name, see the photo below). 

Who are you? Why are you here?

I started to wonder, why all these little insects came endlessly? And why were they all dying here? I heard the high-frequency sander sound in my hand and saw this cloud of the dust in the air. Maybe, in their worlds, I am a giant fly spreading this tremendous noise made by the sander, which attracts them to this glamorous party. However, all at the same time, at the party, the poisonous dust is spitting everywhere. 

So I decided to end this murdering party earlier today.


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