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Final Presentation

digital portfolio of ASC

Final Presentation

Since I don’t like embedding a downloaded version of slides, I just screenshot each slide with a short explanation.

A outline of my presentation.

My Initial Sketch

I always have this idea of using different kinds of media and materials to discuss the relationship between people and emerging technologies. Initially, my idea of creating a ‘face-like’ shape by mirrors was concrete and impractical. Instead, I decided to trust my gut and aesthetic intuitive by playing with different materials to start my project.

Janet Echelman

I talked about the artist Janet Echelman in the previous posts.

I have talked about my processes and invitation in previous posts.

During the show day, I invited the class to tour around my installation by using their flashlights in the dark. As the audience moves, there will be a delicate movement of foil balls and papers’ shadows going with the audience. If I could have extra time and energy for this project, I would have a fan and design some appropriate music background fitting in this project, which will make the show more multi-sensory.

My biggest harvest from this course is the joy of a dynamic and organic art-making experience. I used to work on realistic portraits and landscapes and always thought I was a person who has to plan ahead of time. However, this project let me re-evaluate the beauty and power of my instinctive actions. I realized the bravery and trust needed throughout this process. I hope I could do more projects like this on my own.


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