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0911 Trip to Lowe’s

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0911 Trip to Lowe’s

Shops at Lowe’s
Taken by Mengyao Li on 09/11/2018

As a class, we successfully scheduled a Scottie shuttle to Lowe’s to purchase the materials and tools we need for the table. 

When we picking the woods, Nell suggested us to buy the White Pine Woods due to its comparatively cheap price, nice and soft texture. Besides, we also learned the way to selecting a better wood for the table – aiming for a non-blending wood by landing the long wood on the ground. The hardness of a wood also needs more consideration which depends on your functionality of the piece you eventually build. 

As a non-domestic student, this is only my second time to go to furniture stores like HomeDepot or Lowe’s since we do not usually build furniture or make decorations on our own very often in China. Usually, we bought certain furniture as a whole piece or hire a group of the specialized labors to work on the interior decoration, which is more professional and the cost of labor is comparatively cheap and convenient.  Therefore, it is really an eye-opening and exotic experience for me to see the process of purchasing ‘raw’ materials like pine woods and then cutting and joining together. The processes of selecting the ‘raw’ materials and deciding the size really give us the blank space to instill more personal ideas or creativity with some individuals’ characteristics, comparing to selecting the standard commercial products on the market. I am really excited to work on the rest of the processes and finish my table.  


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  1. Nell Ruby says:

    Ha! This is eye opening for me to think you’ve only visited such a store twice! And to consdier a hardware store experience as exotic? Wonderful.

  2. Nell Ruby says:

    Also, excellent images.

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