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0906 Table Design

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0906 Table Design

For class on 09/06, our objectives were discussing the room design, table design, tools and materials we need to use, cutting list and cost of the table. 

Firstly, we calculated the size and amount of the wood we need to build a table. By combining 6 small pieces together, we would end up having a size of 24” * 26” table top.  Then we decided that we could have a ‘skirt’ on each side of the table and four legs (obviously). The way to calculate the skirt is that using the length of the table side subtracts two times the side of the legs. After we made all calculation, we added up all cutting pieces together and decided that we could buy two pieces of 12′ * 4” for table tops and skirts. Besides, we need to have ‘biscuits’ and glue to joint everything together. As for measurement, we also think buying a tape measurement would be helpful. 

As for the room design, in order to make our room efficient for us to move moods and get full use of the tools in the room, we exchanged the ideas of how to re-arrange the room, which I think it is also an interesting part for 3D process because we were creating a space functional and meaningful for everyone.   


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