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digital portfolio of ASC

Major Learning Outcomes

Math Major Demonstrate an understanding of the abstract nature of theoretical mathematics by working with abstract concepts and constructing proofs. Exhibit proficiency in the computational techniques of calculus and linear algebra. Demonstrate skills in problem analysis and problem-solving, both individually and collaboratively. Use mathematics as a tool for solving real-world problems. Demonstrate the ability to…
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Skills & Strengths

Interdisciplinary & Antidisciplinary As a senior student majoring in psychology and mathematics in Agnes Scott College and a human factor researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology, I am interested in studio arts and enjoy solving problem through different perspectives.                 Quantitative/ Qualitative research Over my past three-year experience as…
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SUMMIT Outcomes

Agnes Scott College educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times. Identify, explain, and analyze global themes, processes, and systems Demonstrate knowledge and skills essential for global engagement. Critically examine the relationship between dominant and marginalized cultures, subcultures or group. Communicate effectively through writing and speaking,…
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NYC Journal Notebook

Fantasy and Reality in New York

Mengyao Li GBL102 -New York Visual Arts Dr. Anne Beidler April 13, 2016 Fantasy and Reality in New York New York, one of the most fantastic and uncanny cities in the world.” If you love him, send him to New York because it is a paradise. If you hate him, send him to New York…
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Individual Reflection

Mengyao Li LDR102 Prof. Smith/Scott March19, 2016 Multi-Dimensional Collaboration Finishing our short-term leadership courses, when I recalled all the courses, I think the final collaborative presentation accounts for the important part of the whole class. I earned and learned different perspectives of collaboration from the whole process ranging from the long-term time arrangement, the collective…
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Mengyao Li LDR102 Prof. Smith/Scott March 3, 2016 Final Presentation In the last class, each group based on the preliminary presentation and the feedbacks from classmates and professors revised and did the final presentation aiming at different social issues. For our project “Showplace”, we received other groups’ advices of lacking the strong narrative of social…
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Mengyao Li LDR102 Prof. Smith/Scott February 25, 2016 Artist Visit: Jessica Scott Felder After learning the collaboration in arts and leadership and doing the preliminary presentation, we had the artist visitor, Jessica Scott Felder, to give us a real contact with the arts and collaboration. Jessica showed us her paintings, installations, and performance which focus…
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Mengyao Li LDR102 Prof. Smith/ Scott 24 February, 2016 Preliminary Presentation For the sixth week, each group presented their preliminary project which focused on different social issues. The topics range from the racialism, education to the gender inequality. For our group, all members pay great attention to the insufficiency of art education. After we did…
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Mengyao Li LDR102 Prof. Smith/Scott 13 February, 2016 Practical Collaboration and Leadership In the fifth week’s class, we combined the previous close looking assignment and Cronin’s article about the liberal arts and leadership. I gained some new aspects about the collaboration and the essence of liberal arts education. Based on the closing looking assignment, I…
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