245 East Trinity Place, Decatur, GA 30030

Month: November 2018

digital portfolio of ASC

Connection: foil balls

While I was still setting up my backdrop, I came up with this idea of making my installation more ‘multidimensional’. I used aluminum foil paper making it into a small ball and connected to my backdrop by black yarn. I like the texture contrast between the natural brown/wood paper and the shiny reflective metal. By…
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Dimension: Look up & down

After trying out different sorts of materials, I enjoyed the notion of ‘undo-table’ or ‘de-physical’. Thus, I used all sorts of materials and played with textures to cover the table. However, I did feel this is not complete or holistic in this chaotic background. Following Nell’s suggestion, I decided to add some backdrops to make…
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Companion: Materials

This week, we started the final project of 3D thinking: GATHERING.  Since I didn’t settle on one specific idea, I started this project by visiting some art stores. I knew I want some materials that are dynamic and flowing, which could create a large scale. Ultimately, I want to create an immersive experience for the…
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1113 Context/Material/Sound/Performance

Context: Fred Wilson Fred Wilson is an artist with a keen to the beauty and ugliness, especially the re-definition of these two contrast terms. Although with a studio art background, he claimed that creating new contexts for the existing art and artifacts in the museum is more fascinating. By only manipulating the position of chairs, lighting, and…
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