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Month: October 2018

digital portfolio of ASC

1020 -Wrapping Wild

Joining the workshop with environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck, we created all sorts of wildlife animals and other forms by using cast-off fabric, yarn, and broken buttons and beads on a wonderful Saturday morning.¬† As an environmental artist, she believes the power of transforming daily mundane ‘garbage’ into something ‘surprises’ people.¬† Instead of hiding all the…
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Idea Generation

When I was thinking about this idea, my entire focus was about being “new”: new media, new textures, new topics. But I don’t know where to start or I ended up too concrete. On the one side, I want to visualize the concepts I studied in other disciplines, such as trust and risk when people…
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Sander Sound and Murder Party

This Sunday, I went to the studio and re-sanded my table top. I pulled the table outside the room and sanded with the belt sander for a few minutes. Then I decided to get back to the studio to get the google. When I returned to my tabletop, I saw a fly lying still on…
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Fresh Memory

During my childhood, when I visited grandparents, I remember that the dinner table in their house was quite different. There was a heavy glass on the top of the table covering the table. Underneath the glass and above the table, there were numerous documents, such as my certificates from elementary¬†school, the family photograph from the…
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