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Month: September 2018

digital portfolio of ASC

0927 Sanding

This feature image was taken in GT campus today when an extremely odd tree is being cut due to maybe construction reasons. I went closer and want to see the rings of this tree. When I came closer, I saw a previous picture of this tree and a little candle next to it. It makes…
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WFTGTD – Olafur Eliasson

In the video of “Reality projector”, Olafur Eliasson talked about that art is not only about the objects, but more about self-reflection when the audience look at the objects. Thus, art here becomes an interactive experience which is not limited to the context, material, and dimension of the specific artwork, but more tangible to the…
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0925 Clamping

After combining all six pieces by using 4 biscuit joiners and tons of glue on each side,  I had a tabletop like surface. However, there were still some gaps in between because the biscuits need at least three hours to expand when soaked with glues. Thus, Nell showed us the demo of how to use…
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0918-0920 Biscuit Joiner & Sun Mao

Not a cooking class for biscuits, we continued with the next step of making a table: making cuts and then using biscuit joiner and glue to make our six-piece table top together. This process reminds me of the joining skills of the traditional Chinese carpentry, 榫卯 (Sun Mao), which does not need glue, biscuit or…
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Today I had my first every chop saw 101 demo course. Excitement mixing with fear: excited for trying out and gaining a new skill but also afraid of the power and the grave consequences if I didn’t use the tool properly.  ‘Safety First’, ‘Always tie your hair’, ‘Find a cutting buddy’, ‘Never Chop ALONE’. All…
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0911 Trip to Lowe’s

As a class, we successfully scheduled a Scottie shuttle to Lowe’s to purchase the materials and tools we need for the table.  When we picking the woods, Nell suggested us to buy the White Pine Woods due to its comparatively cheap price, nice and soft texture. Besides, we also learned the way to selecting a…
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0906 Table Design

For class on 09/06, our objectives were discussing the room design, table design, tools and materials we need to use, cutting list and cost of the table.  Firstly, we calculated the size and amount of the wood we need to build a table. By combining 6 small pieces together, we would end up having a…
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0904 – Chakaia Booker

The art installation is constructed in a roughly square shape and employs the black rubber tires as materials. All sorts of the tires, bike tires, car tires, even rubber tubes, are heavily used by showing its torn texture. The piece is unified by its holistic black color, harmonic materials, and the well-contained square shape. But…
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