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Month: February 2016

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Oppression and Resilience

Mengyao Li GBL102 Prof. Beidler 13 February, 2016 Oppression and Resilience Talking about the globalization and industrialization, we will immediately think of the universal products, the commercial trade and free market and the lots of benefits brought by global industrialization. However, Life and Debt and the Triangle shirtwaist fire effect evokes more thoughts about these…
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Self and National Identity

Mengyao Li GBL-102 Prof. Beidler 10 February, 2016 Self and National Identity “Where are you from? Why do you come here?” These questions are pretty common when we travelled aboard. Too common to give us a moment to really think of the real answers to these questions. After reading Hajin’s “A good fall” and listening…
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