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Month: January 2016

digital portfolio of ASC

Global thinking through art scope

Mengyao Li Prof. Beidler GBL 102-New York visual art 29 January, 2016 In the third week, we discussed about the artists’ artworks and the reading segments of “sidewalk”.The sidewalk, as a public space, could be regarded as the expression of conflicts and negotiation, a staging space and a place for us travelers to observe and…
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The Mindful Traveler

Mengyao Li GBL102 New York: Visual Art Prof. Anne Beidler 25 January, 2016 The mindful traveler Travel, a more and more popular activity nowadays, sounds like the appendage with the vacations always reminding people of the leisurely life, beautiful scenery and yummy foods. Thus, a majority of travelers would become dizzy with expectation and excitement…
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Identity map

GBL 102-New York City visual arts Professor Beidler 19 January, 2016 In the first week of global classes, we focused more on ourselves and compared to last semester’s global classes which gave us more information about global awareness and leaders. By making a personal identity map with the theater group in class, we started our…
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